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Wine grower be foremost

Because it is important to never lose touch with its vines, I am first and foremost a winegrower. 
Otherwise, how to feel the influences of vintage? 
How to improve cultivation practices? 
How to assess the maturity? 
How to adapt winemaking grapes? 
80% of the wine is made in the vineyard. 
Being a wine grower,  
it is primarily a vocation, a passion that consumes you.

Work with nature, not against it
Composed of 8 hectares in one piece, the area forms a true eco system where the soil has a prominent place.  
Soils are grassed throughout the year, with many species for the biodiversity
About fertilization, the most stringent rules are applied: no mineral fertilizer is added, the branches are always returned to the soil and sometimes, a supply of compost is done.  
The domain uses many methods of organic farming, without being radical, especially vis-à-vis the use of copper against mildew. This natural molecule is still very toxic to soil and groundwater.

Granit & Gamay : a love story 
Only planted in hills and at high density, the vines benefit from maximum sunshine.

Granitic soils and poor naturally inhibit the force of Gamay and gives low yields of around 40 hl / ha. 

Clusters are always with a good concentration at harvest. 

Authentic wines
Harvesting is still done by hand. Only grapes of excellent ripeness are selected. 
Clusters circulate only by gravity because no pump is used. 
The wine is more akin to what is done in Burgundyin the manner of Henri Jayer, while keeping the objective of enhancing the delicacy, velvet and femininity of Fleurie. 

Natural wines 

 It is not necessary to use chemical inputs during vinification, all in the grapes. I only use indigenous yeasts during fermentation.
The wine is mainly in small containers, often made of wood, but I refuse to use new wood.  
This ageing allows natural clarification and no filtration is made ​​before bottling.  
The addition of SO2 is homeopathic, just so the wines can travel without any problem.

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